Negotiation Management

Competence in India since 1996

Results instead of Positions

No matter if commercial or technical issues are at stake - more then 25 years of getting results in Asia are immediately at your disposition.


Systematic Approach

  1. Analysis of the Negotiation Situation and Parameters
  2. Identification of the Roles of all the Participants
  3. Joint Evaluation of alternate Negotiation Strategies and possible Scope


Joint Prep

  1. Detailled discussion of the roles for each member of the negotiation team
  2. Role excercise and practice
  3. Composition of alternate Scopes during ngeotiation


Active Negotiation Support

As external Lead Negotiator / Negotiation Consultant my scope is typically larger then for your own staff.


Subsequently a joint analysis of negotiation results and work-out of next steps is recommended.