Competence in India since 1996

Mission Statement

Breaking new ground as a way of live is our day-to-day activity. Despite all the rapid changes in todays world our basic values have been conserved.


All details of our activities are based on the sound balance of our principles:


  • Competence

          We are taking assignments only in fields of proven track-record.


  • Pragmatism

          We are out for pragmatic solutions, no wishfull-thinkings.

          On top of that our trainings provide a practical toolbox,

          how to handle day-to-day situations.


  • Autonomy

          As Consultants & Trainers we keep our total independence from any

          Third Parties - especially if future tie-ups of our clients are concerned.


  • Objectiveness

          Our work for you considers all chances - and all risks.


  • Confidentiality

          Whatever information is entrusted to us during the work for your company

          is treated with utmost confidentiality and will not be passed on to any third