Delta Consultants - better by Experience

Competence in India since 1996

Delta Consultants, founded by Margit E. Flierl, is successfully doing business in India since 1996. Many years of experience are the recommendation as competent and capable consultant for business ventures in India or in Germany.


The relations with our clients are based on result- and target-oriented methods, which are continously adjusted to the needs of an ever-changing business environment. Permanent up-date with the needs of our clients build a solid base for your success in India.


Our solutions provide for your complete engagement in India. We consult individually or as a team, in Germany as well as in India.



Come and find out:

Margit E. Flierl

Germany & India:

Mrs. Margit E. Flierl - Delta Consultants EK


Areas of Expertise:

  • Company foundation in the areas of production and R&D
  • Match-Making for Joint Ventures, Mergers & Acquisition
  • Interm- and Project-Management, also in the areas of Purchasing & Materials Management
  • Negotiation Strategies
  • Recruiting of Ingeniers
  • Intercultural Training & Management in Gemany and India
  • Coaching


Listed as Expert for India @ BVMW

German Association of MSEs

Listed as Expert for India

@ Sparkassen Country-Desk

Listed as Expert for India

@ Brainguide - the Expert Search Engine

Member of Indo-German Chamber of Commerce

Member of German-Indian Round Table

Founder of Nuremberg-Chapter of GIRT;

Janaki Narkar-Waldraff

Location: Pune - India

Dr. Janaki Narkar-Waldraff - Babelfish.India


Areas of Expertise:

  • Interim- and Project-Management for HR Issues
  • Intercultural Training in Germany and India
  • Coaching