Management Consulting

Competence in India since 1996

The example is based on an R&D Outsourcing Project.

Client is located in 3 Western-European Countries and in India.

Three-Step Management Consulting for R&D Outsourcing to India


Optimization of Project costs and increase of efficiency and quality of the European-Indian Collaboration.


Each Module is based on:

  1. Clients input about the desired results of the organisation or input about the current situation.
  2. Analysis of the actual situation (in Europe as well as in India); development of action items to achieve the results
  3. Assistance during implementation phase

Module 1: Overview of actual situation in India

  • Management sensibilization for Indian Educational Systems, Carrier, Specifics; overview of current trends for professionals in the Indian job market
  • Sensibilization for hierarchical issues; importance and meaning of various hierarchical levels
  • Scope for decision making and taking responsibility at each level
  • Analysis of interfaces and collaboration between the European Organisations and the Indian Organisation

Module 2: Detailled work with the actual situation

  • Analysis of actual organisation in India
  • Roles & Responsibilities of Individuals, as well as Temps (Sub-Contractors)
  • Matching of the Indian Organisation with the European Organisations
  • Clear Definition of the Scope & Responsibilities in India and in Europe
  • Scope & Responsibilities in India: how seriously is it taken?
  • Consequences of Failures
  • Accounting issues: cost estimates, cost approvals, cost management, incentives, penalties and their impact on project costs
  • Quality Key Data: Definition, Benchmark, Key Indicators, Action items

Module 3: Softskills for Enhanced Quality, Cost Optimization and Increased Efficiency

  • Aspects of staff-selection in India, as far as training in Europe is concerned
  • Clear assignment of Indian Teams to pre-defined European teams (planning and allocation of resources)
  • Composition of the Indian Teams, consequences of attrition (depending on the hierarchical level)
  • Requirements of transparency of organisation, processes and costs on both sides
  • Establishing a personal relationship of key-personell in Europe and India:
    • Sensibilization programms for both sides
    • Clearly defined responsibilities
    • Teambuilding Excercises
    • Personal contacts (direct and remote)
  • Ongoing action items achive permanent high levels of Quality, Cost Conciousness and Efficiency