Intercultural Training

Fit for Success in India & Germany

We introduce background information and context for the Indian Business world and Indian Business practices, we provide input about the Indian Business mentaility and show ways how to make your Indian Business a success - participants learn how to successfully deal with their Indian customers and suppliers, Indian Colleagues, Employees and Bosses.


In India we do a sensibilisation programm concerning expectancies of German Business Partners, Colleagues, Bosses. We explain background reasons and motivation, do practical excercises how to deal with closed questions and their replies and try to create an understanding for the German mentality.

Target Groups:

  • TOP Management (for Mergers, Acquisitions, JV, Outsourcing)
  • Middle Management (Department Heads, Project Managers, Group Leaders and Teamleads)
  • German Teams, Indian Teams, cross-cultural Teambuilding, bilingual
  • Executives from R&D, Production, Quality Department, Purchasing, Sales and Controlling

What we discuss in Training:

  • First contacts - maintenance of business contacts
  • Communication
  • Hierarchy
  • Discussion and Negotiation Styles and -Strategies
  • Project Management
  • Quality Management
  • Crisis Management
  • HR
  • Teambuilding
  • Moderation

Trainings and Coachings: online - live - interactive

For online Trainings/Coachings the full day segment is divided into half-day segments.

  • 1 day Coaching for future ex-pats (individual one-on-one preparation for expats and accompanying spouses)
  • 2 days Trainings for participants, who collaborate intensively with Indians or Germans
  • 2 days Trainings to hone your Negotiation skills
  • 3 days Practice with Indo-German Teambuilding excercises
  • individual, customized Trainings in case of Mergers an Acquisitions


  • Lecture
  • Contrast Culture
  • Critical Incidents
  • Group work, exercises
  • Case studies
  • Roll plays