Sri City SEZ & DTZ



About 70 km north of Chennai Sri City SEZ & DTZ is being build right next to NH5. The area is about 24 km² and will become a multi-product Industrial area.


Estimates assume that by 2017 more then 50% of all automobiles build in India will come from a belt around Chennai, which already today is being called "The Detroit of Asia".


Sri City Overview

  • 100% FDI (foreign direct investment) by automatic process
  • One-stop-shop: all neccessary government offices are in Sri City; all permits will be given by one office
  • Customs office in Sri City
  • Off-shore banking facility
  • Promoted by the government of Andhra Pradesh
  • First-class infrastructure
  • Metro facilities @ Tier III costs
  • Excellent connections with Airport, ports, roads and rail
  • The city within the city: Production, Service, Commerce, Schools, Health and Leisure facilities


>>> short-term project realization <<<

>>> Compliance conformity <<<

Which companies are already in Sri City?

BFG/Bahrein, VRV/Italy, Lovepac/Sweden, Amphenol/USA, Kobelco/Japan, AS Cargo/Italy, Rockworth/Thailand, Eura Abrostone/Spain, Lavazza/Italy